Candice Bullock’s Priorities

I will be a considerate voice for the community.

  • This goal will always be first for me.  I have already begun a long-term initiative to meet voters throughout Washington County, and learn all I can from them.
  • Everyone deserves a voice in our county’s decisions. We can develop a connection and trust if people will just talk with each other.
  • I’m good at fostering a collaborative environment. If difficulties or disagreements arise, I can usually find some common ground from which to negotiate and agree.
  • In the end, decisions should be a “win” for all involved. If someone must be disappointed, they will (at least) have a thorough understanding of why a decision was made to benefit the overall community.

I will work diligently to achieve an equitable balance between Washington County’s lifestyle and economy while navigating the many challenges associated with our inevitable growth.

  • Together we must identify smart growth strategies that can preserve the rural character of our county, always keeping budgets in mind. A few initial ideas are mixed-land uses, preserving open space/farmland, centralized development of residential and business projects, distinctive/attractive housing opportunities, reduced operational costs from upgraded technologies, etc.
  • I have strong feelings about implementing tourism initiatives.  I have read "Reviving Tourism Revenues in Brenham & Washington County," by Sharon Brass and also attended the presentation made at Commissioner's Court.  Our county is approximately $ 20 million dollars down in total direct travel spending since 2014.  That is a large sum that our county is currently missing out on.  Collaboratively we need to supplement any efforts in fortifying financial gains through tourism objectives.
  • If decisions are made that negatively impact Washington County, due to outdated laws or regulations, I will work towards changing those old regulations -- even reaching out to the state level, if needed.

Sound fiscal and technology management is essential to our success.

  • I will help identify processes and technologies that are inefficient or ineffective for the overall county.  I will also research what’s working well and should not be changed.
  • I can help lead the County Commissioners Court to study and understand county processes in an effort to streamline, tighten budgets, eliminate waste, and expand the reach of our spending without raising taxes.


I admire Candice as a leader of this generation, who will bring new energy to county responsibilities and solutions.  She is uniquely suited for this position due to her business acumen, her deferential character, and her deep understanding of our hometown values.

Doug Peck, Professor, Blinn College

Next Steps...

I appreciate your support! If you would like to make a donation, block walk, host a Meet-and-Greet, or need a yard sign, just click the Support Candice button and let me know.